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Dear Peter,

Thanks for answering my mail. I´m very interesting on the Mella saga, it is a fine Research. By the way, i have no much information about the surname; only knows that is an old italian surname. In Argentina, our surname is not very common but think that in Caribbean countrys, is a regular surname; in fact, have found on the web, a guy called something Mella who fought for the liberation of cuba. He was a comunist, think he has nothing to do with my root (it is a joke, but i do not like comunism; an old fashioned way of goverment); wel but, don´t want to miss the aim of this mail.

Peter think that the surname Mella, is also quite popular is Spain. Long time ago (must be during the roman empire) a Mella was governor of Spain (please don´t laugh about it, found it when i bought in Verona the history of the surname). Also, a mella was relative to Carlo Emanuelle di Savoia a nobile from Piemonte. Well, but about the first mella who arrived to Argentina on the bigginig of 1900 have no information; and in Argentina think my family is the only one. My father had no brothers, so it is only me and my 2 brothers. In fact, I´m also seeking my Irish root. My Granfather, Héctor William Mella got married an Irish ascendance girl. Know, that the first Mella in Argentina came from England, he worked for the train because long time ago the trains were british.

Nicolas Mella

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Peter, good luck with the saga. Looking foward to see the results of your research, by the way the site is beatiful. best wishes, Nicolas Mella from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Anything you need just mail me.

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hi, my name is J. Pablo Mella from Chile.

George L Mella

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Miami Florida USA.