Mella is not a typical name of the country. My father Pietro Mella was born in Italy (Sarone di Caneva, Friuli). After the second world war as the youngest of the familiy he had to go in foreign parts. So he came to the principality of liechtenstein. Here he met my mother, married and stayed for the rest of his life.

The name Mella is know all over the world. There are generations of Mella’s in Switzerland (Ticino). The name is also known in the United States, in Australia, Spain, Itlay and France. Unfortunately I don’t know, where the name cames from. With the aid of the internet I would like to change this.

So Mella’s all over the world, put your name, address and all informations you have into the guestbook. I’ll try to make a little database to collect the informations. I hope, that I can create a "Mella-Saga". If you know other Mella’s draw there attention to this sites. Thank you for your help and visit my sites to see what I could collect over the time.